The Sea Holly Beauty Company Story

There’s something almost magical about soap making. It is an ancient art, going back centuries, with some intrigue in there- its a messy process, and, in the past, was made from animal products, and considered an undesirable but necessary career. Today, handmade soap is increasing in popularity. People are looking for an alternative to commercially made, heavily processed, and overseas produced soaps and beauty products. Soap making is becoming an art form, with elaborate swirling, decoration, and even exotic scent blends and oils. Creativity is at our fingertips, we just have to reach out and take it.

In some cases we seek out creative outlets, and in others, they find us. Seemingly overnight, I became highly sensitive to chemicals and fragrances in many everyday household cleaners, soaps, beauty products, and perfumes. My skin felt itchy, dry, and uncomfortable, and I needed to find products that would work for me. 

After considerable research, I started taking classes at my local DIY beauty supply store, Otion. I spent my free time watching video tutorials, testing different oils, fragrances, and preservatives to find something cleansing, yet soothing and gentle on sensitive skin. Soon, there was more soap and lotion than my husband or I could use on our own, and we started gifting my creations to family and friends. And from there, an unanticipated business was born. 

Sea Holly Beauty Company caters to other sensitive skin types, and every product is personally tested by me before being sold to someone else. I hope that you love my products as much as I do!